Shopna Khatun

Shopna Khatun, started as a newbie, agile trainee in Adamya Foundation. Was much interested to establish her career as a Vocal in the music industry.
She has participated in a renowned Music Competition (Channel I Shera Kontho) in a leading TV Channel. Our little Adamya girl Shopna selected in top 15 in “Channel I Shera Kontho” though she never got any training on music. According to famous Singer Khurshed Alam, ‘she has a god gifted voice’. Presently she is doing training in Adamya Foundation on Call Center.
We have decided to admit her in music school also to nourish her natural talent. Despite being physically disabled, she is staying in Dhaka without a family and surviving against the tide.

Current Status

Working in a Call Center as a call center agent by proving her excellent as well promising capability to manage Call Center/Telesales job on one hand and continuing her study on the other as well.